Taking KidSafety
to the Street
Over the past 10 years, EMCOR's KidSafety program has helped recover over 360 missing children. Our 7,000 service vehicles move daily from 170 offices to 13,000 job sites, prominently displaying the National Center for Missing Children's? (NCMEC) posters.
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See how our poster program helped to locate a missing kid.


The EMCOR Troop
Support Program
EMCOR has a strong commitment to reach out and help those employees and members of our community who serve in the armed forces. Our Troop Support Program has four primary pillars:
Provide Jobs—Hiring Initiative
Provide Education—Involvement in Johnny Mac Soldiers Fund
Say “We Support You”—Military “Care” Packages
Support Our Future—Army West Point Team Sponsorship


The EMCOR Pink
Hard Hat Program
For the past seven years, thousands of EMCOR employees have commemorated Breast Cancer Awareness Month in October by wearing EMCOR pink hard hats in support of the Company's "Protect Yourself. Get Screened Today." campaign.
In addition, employees and clients wear EMCOR pink hard hats and form human pink ribbons, to promote awareness of the importance of breast cancer screening.
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